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About Us

The vision of establishin Ze Benafshi, was born seven years ago when the inspirational spirit behind the organization, Irit Gluskinos Barkan, experienced first-hand the challenges faced by parents and families of children hospitalized in a mental health facility. One of Irit’s daughters was hospitalized in a psychiatric ward. 

Unlike illness with external symptoms or disabilities, mental health issues are not overtly identifiable. They don’t photograph well. They don’t photograph at all.


Children in mental health facilities, whether long-term or short-term, are rarely visited by celebrities and leading figures in the Israeli society. Their families also don’t receive any financial support from not-for-profit organizations. 


Families of mental health sufferers are torn between visiting their children in care facilities and between their other children left at home. Due to feelings of shame often associated with psychiatric hospitalization, they rarely ask for the support of their extended families or friends and do not turn to their local social service departments.


The organization Ze Benafshi seeks to support these young people and their families and offer them assistance in coping with the difficulties while fighting the prejudices regarding mental illness entrenched in society.


We thank you for your support of our vision and goals whether through a monetary donation or volunteering.


Volunteer or Donate, thank You For your Donation!

Our Mission
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